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Pillar Candle Sink Holes

Scented CandlesPosted by Candles By Janine Mon, April 16, 2018 11:28:57
A busy week last week here at & the best scented candle makers as we had a large order of pillar candles to make.

75kg of the finest pillar wax we blended to make Pillar candles for one large order, the wax pots were hot, the wax was in constant flow as we worked tirelessly to complete the order.

When making Pillar candles cooling the pillar candles is the biggest part of the process and the most time consuming part of the process.
If you have made Pillar candles, large pillar candles at that then you will know that Paraffin wax has a warm core and a lengthy inner cooling process.

Sink-age occurs on the bottom of the candle mould 20 min to an hour after the initial pour and this can be very frustrating to candle makers as they end up with a big gaping hole in the bottom of the candle at the top part of the mould, the hole can go as far down as three inches into the pillar candle core.

Remember Paraffin sinks, and if you try and pour too cold then lines will appear around the edge of your candle when you want a smooth finished Pillar candle, here at Candles By Janine the quality candle makers we have developed the perfect technique to creating Pillar candles in our production workshop.

Soon we will be launching our video section to give tips & tricks to Candle makers.

See you soon

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